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Good people, good vibes, good living.

Weigh to go is a project born out of the need to change our local and global impact on our planet. Visiting communities all over South Wales we offer a convenient way for you to do your shopping plastic packaging free.


Local provisions, zero waste....

We are a mobile refill shop based in South Wales offering a range of organic and eco friendly products from oils, vinegars, pulses, spices, grains, flours, nuts, cereals, shampoo and house hold cleaning products.

It couldn't be simpler!

You bring your containers or jars, we fill them up with yummy goodness and good vibes and together we help to reduce waste from unwanted plastic packaging.

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Less waste, more rad...

Working together with some incredible UK producers and wholesalers we ensure that there is little or no waste from producer to you the customer.

Many of our products are delivered to us in large, reusable containers.

Once the contents has been used, the producer collects the containers, cleans them, refills them with goodness and the cycle begins again!

This amazing process is known as a closed loop cycle. 

What we sell.

Please see our what we sell page for a full list of all our products and prices. 

Where to find us.

We will be updating our 'where to find us' page every month so you know when and where you can come and see us for all your plastic free needs!

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